* General Information *

The Patent Firm of T. KATORI was established on March, 1981,
by Takao Katori, Patent Attorney.

The Firm mainly deals with patents along with utility models, design patents, and
trademarks and service marks.
We are especially specialized in electronics and telecommunications.

Specifically, on the art fields of telecommunications, information processing, image processing,
semiconductor devices, we are mostly concentrated.

Furthermore, we are also much specialized in and experienced with the art fields of
elevators and escalators, cranes, mining machinery,
paper machinery and metallurgy for decades.

We handle many domestic patent matters, of course, as well as
are also sophisticated with intellectual property works,
including international applications,
directed to North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa
for domestic clients over the long-standing, mutually reliable channels
established with the agents and associates in those countries.

Closely associated with Office MATSUNAGA since 1981.


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